Live Dealer Insights: Canadian Gaming Edition

Live dealer games, also known as “Live”, are a type of gambling entertainment in an online casino that combines the advantages of online platforms and offline establishments. From the first, this format took the opportunity to sit at the table whenever and wherever you want with the Internet. Secondly, the atmosphere is close to a real institution. Live games are implemented quite simply. The operator hires professional croupiers who broadcast from an equipped room. Users also follow the live broadcast, place bets, communicate with the dealer and other participants via chat.

Technical execution

The principles of implementing live dealer games are elementary and logical. The casino equips a room in which the necessary tables, equipment and cameras are installed. The latter must be present in several copies so that the shooting is carried out from different sides. For example, in roulette, one camera is aimed at the croupier himself, the second at the wheel with the ball.

Card denominations, symbols and numeric values are determined using a high-precision recognition system. Scanners and sensors translate information about the draw into a digital format, where it is already processed by electronic algorithms. The technical staff involved in the control of dealers and equipment is located in a separate room. In addition, the casino hires specialists who monitor user activity and identify violators.

The financial component is fully automated. Unlike land-based establishments, where the acceptance of bets, calculation of winnings and payments are carried out by a croupier, here these tasks fall on the computer.



The active popularization of the “Live” format has led to the emergence of hundreds of different entertainment. They can be divided into several categories:

  • Desktop. Roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps and poker are familiar to casino fans;
  • The Wheel of Fortune. The main feature of this type of entertainment is a special reel divided into a number of sectors with various prizes. Vivid examples: Crazy Time, Monopoly, Sweet Bonanza Candyland;
  • 3D slots. In fact, these are ordinary slot machines, only the process is controlled by the presenter. Spins are triggered not at the user’s request, but with a certain frequency when everyone makes their bets;
  • Others. Games that do not fit into any of the categories described above. They have non-standard rules.

Many studios are engaged in the development of entertainment with live dealers. The most famous is Evolution Gaming and it is its games that fill many different online casinos.

The Evolution of Live Dealer Casinos

Live dealer casinos have come a long way since their inception in the late 1990. The first casinos with live dealers suffered from technical problems such as delays and poor video quality. However, as technology improves, live dealer casinos are becoming more complex and exciting.

Today, live dealer casinos offer a wide range of games, including blackjack, roulette, poker and game shows. Users can interact with dealers and other players in real time, creating a social experience similar to playing at a land-based casino.

Here is the chronology of the evolution of live dealer casinos:

  • The end of 1990. The first casinos with live dealers are being launched. However, they suffer from technical problems;
  • Early 2000. Casinos with live dealers are starting to improve in terms of video quality and technical indicators;
  • The end of 2000. The popularity of live dealer casinos continues to grow, and more and more suppliers are entering the market;
  • Early 2010. Casinos with live dealers are becoming widely available, and mobile games with live dealers are appearing;
  • The end of 2010. The introduction of innovations and new game variants continues;
  • 2020 years. Live dealer casinos are more popular now than ever before as players seek a more realistic and social gaming experience.

Key differences of the Live Casino

Although most of the entertainment offered at Live Casinos are classic table games, they differ significantly from the software and slots installed on a regular gambling site on the Internet. The process here is based on the actions of a real human dealer who is in the studio. The result depends on him and simple luck, whereas in slots everything is decided by a random number generator.

There are combined games in which RNG is used to calculate additional multipliers and coefficients. At the same time, there is no suspicion of the honesty of what is happening. You can follow the dealer’s actions live by watching him through the camera. In addition, all broadcast recordings are stored in a temporary archive.


Live dealer games are available to users with different budgets, but have some restrictions on the amount of bets accepted. Let’s look at the possible bets in the most popular Live games. It should be clarified that the rates vary significantly depending on the policy of a particular casino, the software used and the type of game, so we will rely on average parameters.


Roulette bets usually start at $1 when playing with a croupier. In the case of a pneumatic tape measure, $0.5 can also be accepted. The maximum bet size has a much larger spread. In many establishments you will find tables with a limit of $ 25 (typical for Playtech software). At the same time, in some virtual casinos, the upper betting threshold reaches $25000, and at VIP tables it reaches $50000.


The range of bets in blackjack usually ranges from $5 to $50. In addition to the main bets, many casinos allow you to place side bets, for example on a bonus, perfect pairs, jackpot or hi-lo 13. Their sizes range from $2 to $100.


In baccarat, you can place basic bets ranging from $5 to $50. If side bets are allowed in a virtual gambling house (small, large, ideal pair, any pair, a banker’s pair or a player’s pair), then their range is usually from $2 to $100.

Casino Hold’em

Casino Hold’em is a type of Texas Hold’em, where not the players compete with each other, but the game is played against the dealer. The standard bets in the game are amounts from $5 to $50. In addition to the initial bet, players have the opportunity to place an additional bet on the “AA” field in the amount from $2 to $100.

If there is a connection failure or other technical problems during the game in the Live Room, then the next time you enter the casino, you will automatically be redirected to the version of the game with a random number generator. In this case, the bets will be saved, and you will be able to finish the hand in this version.

Tips for playing at a live casino

Tips for playing at a live casino

We know how live dealer casino games can be very interesting, forcing the player to end up making some decisions without thinking, and as a result, the user makes a mistake. 

There are several ways to optimize a player’s time and even money in this process, so we will highlight a few tips that may seem simple but powerful in this journey to a Live casino. The following recommendations should be followed.

Choose a safe and reliable online casino

The first and most important step that every player must take is to choose a platform that can offer its users confidence and security in the game. Many customers get carried away with the large number of bonuses and games offered, forgetting to check other data that is much more important on this type of platform.

This process does not take much time, it is enough for the player to know five basic requirements that can indicate the safety and reliability of the online casino platform, namely:

  • License. The license is a digital document that can confirm the quality and reliability of the platform. It must be issued by an official regulatory body, be active, and with the specified number for review. It is good if the casino has a clickable link or a sign that will send it to the regulator’s website;
  • Data security. An online casino should have basic information encryption tools to prevent data fraud on its website, such as HTTPS protocol and SSL certificate;
  • Reputation. The rating of an online casino is very important for a player when choosing a betting and gaming platform. The specialists of the gambling house resource review new complaints received monthly and evaluate other aspects, such as providing technical support to users and the speed of withdrawal of funds. As for complaints, their number and severity are also taken into account in the formation of the rating, which should be paid attention to;
  • Withdrawal and replenishment system. You also need to familiarize yourself very carefully with the payment systems, including the waiting time and withdrawal deadlines. Before you start playing at an online casino for real money, you should learn about the currency that can be used and how to deposit;
  • Reviews. Comments from other players will help you quickly choose the best casino. You should watch them not on the operator’s website, but on forums, in groups on the topic of gambling entertainment.

Develop a good betting plan

In addition to having fun, every player wants to take a good win at a Live casino, and in order for this to happen with the greatest probability, it is necessary to make a plan. The betting order is the first step in this planning, and it is very simple to build, and it is also vital for the player to be able to control his winnings.

On a piece of paper, the user must identify some important points that will give him an advantage, such as: 

  • Total cost of investment;
  • The purpose of earning;
  • Dates of achievement of these goals and loss limits.