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Catalogs of working in Canada online casinos abound with slots of different types. This is the simplest type of gambling entertainment, if we talk about the nuances of the rules. If you are a beginner who believes in your luck, then perhaps these games will be the best choice for you. In our review we will tell you about them in detail, share useful tips and explain the order of actions for those gamblers who want to start playing for money. 

Essence of Slots 

Essence of Slots 

Online slots — a virtual variation of the famous slot machines, which are also called one-armed bandits. Compared to the latter, the former have many more varieties, and every year developers bring hundreds of new titles to market. 

The process of playing online slots is simple: the player must press the button that starts the rotation of the reels and the symbols displayed on them on the screen. The reels can be three (characteristic of classic slots) or more. If after stopping them a winning combination of symbols is formed, you get a win. In the pay table gamblers can see for which symbols are paid more, and for which less. Also, there may be special symbols in your chosen title: 

  • Wild. This symbol usually substitutes for other symbols on the reels, helping to form a winning combination;
  • Scatter. This symbol allows you to get winnings regardless of where it is on the reels. Also Scatters often trigger bonus rounds or free spins, if it is provided by the rules;
  • Multiplier. Such symbols increase the size of the winnings several times;
  • Free Spin. These are free attempts to spin the reels. They can be obtained both during the game (if provided by its rules), and as a bonus by making a deposit. 

In addition to the special symbols mentioned above, slots may also have other features. Say, Gamble feature allows the player to increase the amount of winnings several times by guessing the suit or color of the card. 

Bonus rounds, as we said above, are activated by Scatters or special combinations. These are interactive mini-games with different rules, participating in which you can get free spins, multipliers or increase the amount of winnings. 

It should be noted that online slots, unlike blackjack or poker, are a game of luck. Nothing depends on the player. All you need to do is to place a bet and spin the reels. Now you may ask the question — if the outcomes are dependent on luck, how can they be trusted? Are the results of the rounds not fraudulent? But don’t worry. A special algorithm — Random Number Generator — is responsible for determining the results. Special independent agencies test the correctness of its work before certifying the game for the market. Thus, you have nothing to fear. 

RTP & Volatility 

When choosing online slots, we recommend paying attention to two important indicators: 

  • Return to Player (RTP). This indicator shows the percentage of money returned to players on the distance. RTP can not be higher than 100%, but the higher it is, the better. We recommend choosing slots with this indicator not lower than 96%. Although if you dream of winning the jackpot, such titles have a lower RTP;
  • Volatility. It determines the frequency and size of wins. Volatility comes in five types, of which three are basic (low, medium and high) and two intermediate (medium-low and medium-high). The lower the volatility, the more often the wins are low. Conversely, the higher it is, the less often winning combinations will appear on the reels, but the amounts will be impressive. 

Many online casinos in Canada place information about RTP and volatility on the game preview screen. If your chosen operator does not do this, then open the slot options and explore this information there. 

Trial Mode 

Online slots have a great option that we recommend all rookies to use. This is a demo mode that allows you to play for free as long as you want. The gameplay of this mode is identical to that of the paid version, so you’ll get the chance to thoroughly learn the nuances of the rules and practice. Also, the trial mode is ideal for comparing titles with each other and choosing those amusements that are perfect for you. 

What to Do to Play Slots in Canada 

If all of the above has intrigued you, you now have a legitimate question — how to play online slots in Canada. There is nothing complicated about it: 

  1. Choose a site. It should have an active license and a good reputation, so take the time to search and analyze the gambling operators;
  2. Register. You can play in demo mode without an account, but you have to register to get a chance to win money;
  3. Make a deposit. This is the second prerequisite to compete to win money;
  4. Choose a game. Open the collection of games and select one of the slots;
  5. Activate the paid mode. Click on the corresponding button;
  6. Study the pay table. Open the options and read the rules and learn all about symbols and winning combinations;
  7. Play. Make a bet and click on the button that starts the spinning of the reels. 

Note that you can also activate the option to automatically place bets and spin the reels. But use it with caution to avoid losing your budget quickly. 

Examples of Top Online Slots in Canada 

Examples of Top Online Slots in Canada 

As we said earlier, there are hundreds and even thousands of slots in the libraries of online casinos in Canada. It’s not easy to choose a game in such a variety, so we decided to lend a helping hand to rookies and have prepared examples of five great titles for you. We are sure you will have fun playing them. 

SlotProviderRTPVolatilityLayoutPaylinesMax win
Big Bass BonanzaPragmatic Play96.71%Medium-High5×310x2,100
Book of DeadPlay’n GO96.21%High5×310x10,000
Jammin’ JarsPush Gaming96.83%High8×88x20,000
Tombstone R.I.PNoLimit City96.1%High3×5108 ways to winx300,000
Money Train 3Relax96.1%High5×440x100,000

Tips for Playing Slots 

Tips for Playing Slots 

There are some useful tips that you can use when playing slots. They will not guarantee a win, but they will significantly reduce the risks of losing or quickly wasting your budget: 

  • Choose slots with a high RTP. Such games return more money to players at a distance;
  • Use demo mode. You should be well versed in the nuances of the rules of your chosen entertainment, study the pay table and try to play for free. Maybe you will come to the conclusion that it is better to choose another title;
  • Take care of your budget. Slots are gambling entertainment with dynamic gameplay. If you play emotionally, you will squander your entire budget very quickly. Therefore, try to make low bets to prolong the playing time.

Remember that slots are a game of luck, and the result of a new round does not depend on the outcome of recent reel spins. Therefore, if you are caught in a bad luck streak, it is better to rest. 

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Can I Hack the RNG in Online Slots? 

No, you cannot hack the Random Number Generator. Remember that any attempts to gain an advantage over the casino by dishonest means will be punished by blocking your account and confiscating your winnings. 

Is it Possible to Win Money in Slots? 

Yes, this is a game where the outcome depends on luck, but you have chances to win money. If you want to increase your chances, choose slots with high RTP. 

How to Play Slots in Canada? 

To do this, you need to choose an online casino and create an account on it. After that, make a deposit to be able to play for money and get a chance to win cash. Select a game and start playing.