Video Poker Mastery: Canadian Edition

You don’t play poker yet, but are you thinking about getting started? Then be sure to read this material, which will help you better understand the essence of the game and develop a winning strategy.

It is worth saying right away that there is no strategy in poker that would 100% guarantee success, because it is a very complex and multifaceted game. All the best poker players have spent years of their lives learning and improving their game. Becoming the best in this game means constantly improving, as the game itself is constantly evolving.

Types of poker

Types of poker

Poker, perhaps, has the most varieties — the most famous gambling game, which is popular not only in land-based, but also in online casinos. However, special, adapted versions of poker are usually used on gambling platforms. There are a lot of them:

  • Oasis of the stud;
  • Six-card;
  • European;
  • Texas;
  • Omaha;
  • With the joker;
  • Three-card and so on.

This kind of poker is played against the dealer who represents the casino. Some establishments also offer club poker in the format of tournaments and cash games. Here, the players act as rivals to each other, and the casino takes only a small percentage. The most common type of club poker is Texas Hold’em. 

The scenario of the game

The easiest way to understand the rules of video poker is by using the example of a gameplay scenario. This algorithm is common to all disciplines: 

  • Setting mandatory bets — they are made by those players who have reached the turn (Hold’em, Omaha, Draw) or who have drawn lots (Stud and Razz); 
  • Distribution of starting cards — evaluating them, the participant decides whether to participate in this distribution or not. If pocket cards have no prospects for further drawing, it is better to discard them without investing in the bank. Hands that can make a profit and allow you to make a strong combination should be played;
  • Bidding — they allow you to build up the pot and knock out rivals by offering them a high raise. They are held after the first handover of cards, and subsequently after each new handover of pocket or community cards, or after each exchange. The final bidding ends with the opening and comparison of combinations;
  • Exchange, shared and additional pocket cards — depending on the type of discipline, during the game you will be able to exchange cards, receive additional pocket or shared cards. They complement your starting hand — they can strengthen it or make it unpromising for further drawing. When new cards appear, the player needs to overestimate the strength of his combination and the probability of winning the hand. Strong combinations reduce the risks of investing in a bank and vice versa; 
  • Showdown — occurs after the last trading, if the pot has not been previously drawn. In online poker, this is a purely technical process, as the application independently analyzes the cards of all participants and determines which of them has made the strongest combination. The winner gets the bank, which is formed in the process of all levels of trading. 



Video poker strategies are needed more for entertainment. They do not guarantee a win, but they reduce the rate of loss increase. The main benefit of strategies is the control of emotions. Attention is focused on the execution of the algorithm. Therefore, it is difficult to get carried away and lose everything. The main recommendations to follow are listed below.

Learn the rules

A pretty obvious tip: no amount of poker tricks will help a player who does not know how a straight differs from a flush. But it’s not just about combinations: there are different types of games (tournaments, cash tables, SNG, spins) and disciplines (Hold’em, Omaha, the increasingly popular shortdeck and others). Read the rules, watch videos on the Internet and choose what you like best. And do not rush anywhere: there is a long way ahead, immediately get used to learning all the features and secrets of poker methodically and consistently.

Be careful

The main thing that brings winnings in video poker is your own attentiveness. No matter how many instructional videos you watch, the secrets of poker are learned first and foremost during the game. Watch what your opponents are doing, even if you are not in the hand. Take notes if you see something strange or unusual. Save interesting hands to return to them later. Try not to be distracted by movies, music, or chats — at least at first. Observation and competent analysis of everything that happens at the table is your key to winning poker.

Take breaks from the game

Even experienced players struggle with disappointment after consecutive misses or losses. This mental state, called “tilt,” clouds analytical thinking and causes clients to spend too much money chasing victory or abandoning strategy. Experienced players recognize when frustration is creeping up and take short breaks to regain their composure before continuing the game.

Play fewer hands

Many beginners, for some reason, try to take part in as many hands as possible. This is a fundamentally wrong approach. By following this tactic, you will lose all the chips you have very quickly. Take some time to watch a video of professionals playing poker, and soon you will realize that they do not participate in every hand, but enter the game mainly with good cards.

For those who are playing for the first time, it is extremely important not to get involved in every controversial situation. If you want to win, do it only if your hand has a prospect. And if you play every hand, then your opponents will immediately see through you as a beginner and will use this for their own selfish purposes. In this regard, it is recommended:

  • Clearly know which pocket cards you will enter the game with, and which ones you will immediately send to the pass. Already in the first round of trading, you need to make the right decision and not risk money once again;
  • You also need to understand which pocket cards have a good chance of gaining strength in one of the subsequent trades. This includes both medium and strong pocket pairs, as well as one-piece connectors. Beginners are advised to act as aggressively as possible with such cards. Try to knock as many opponents out of the game as possible, because your goal is to force opponents to fold their cards.

Don’t be afraid to make a pass

Poker often has hands in which the player has to fold even good cards. However, not everyone can pass, say, a couple of kings when necessary. The bottom line is that most beginners, having discovered strong pocket cards, begin to mistakenly feel invincible. Even a pair of aces does not always win, and it is very important for beginners to learn this. 

Play fast

This advice applies primarily to strong pocket cards. A beginner needs to understand that it is best to play his strong hands quickly, but at the same time deliberately. Why is that? The whole point here is that initiative in poker is very important.

If the dealer has given you a good hand in an online casino, be sure to play through the promotion. By betting, you will provoke your opponents to this or that action. Fast and aggressive drawing of strong pocket cards is one of the first steps towards your goal — to learn how to win in video poker.

Practice freerolls

How to win poker without investing money? There is a great way to practice, master the software and learn various techniques and techniques of the game — freerolls. These are tournaments with free entry where you can win real money. They are available in many online casinos.

Play with a good mood

A lot of things in the success of your poker career will depend on the attitude with which you approach the next gaming session. Do you feel inner discomfort? Forget about the game. Remember that it is undesirable to start the game when you are in a bad mood. 

Effectively manage your bankroll

One of the most important tips for gaining a winning advantage in video poker is to practice effective bankroll management. This means that you have to set a budget for your gaming activities and stick to it. It is important never to gamble with money that you cannot afford to lose. By setting a clear budget and sticking to it, you can avoid the temptation of chasing losses.

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